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Our Gandla telikula Bhavan situated at somajiguda, Hyderabad needs some improvement. The committee think to upgrade this building with first floor as hall and one more room on the second floor. One hall with seven beds are for the use of our community members. Please send your opinion to upgrade this with the co-operation and co-ordination of our community welwishers. Send your opinion to our email gandlaap12@gmail.com


Gandla Community
According to elders, we are the descendants of Manu Maharaja and had kingdoms ruled by our Ancestors. Once upon a time one of our ancestors by name Mr. Vimala Vudhudu on his way to Kailash was crossing an AAsramam of Muni Viswambhar. The resident Munis of that aashramam had requested our ancestor Shri Vimala Vidhudu not to step in to the aashram and proceed to his embarked place by slipping aside the ashram. This has made our ancestor angry and fightened the Munees to cut them into pieces to the sizes of Til seed. On hearing his Violent approach, the Viswambhar Maharshi Cursed him to produce oil though oil seeds and suffer like oil seeds which are crushed in rotary Ganugas. Therefore, we are producing oils which are an unlearned. Production of oils through oils seed by crushing them in wooden rotary instrument called Ganuga by bullock.byllocks. This process is our caste profession and it is neither allotted by the Almighty nor Fate, it in only a profession to earn lively hood.


This profession is uncleaned with hard-work involved but does not result in sufficient earning to meet both ends of life, many of our brothers left the profession and chosen to work in the fields as agriculture labour or with petty other Jobs. The percentage of education is only 5% and normally the financial status is "POOR". The social status is far below than other backward class. Our caste is not numerically strong, hence unable to represent in political field and therefore under developed. By seeing the plight of our people, with a view to unite them for better under standing and development in social, educational and financial fields, (Late) Sheri Singri Nanjappa had conveyed a meeting in Guduru town of Kadapa district under his chairmanship on 2-7-1920. This first meeting of our community was held successfully in Guduru with the efforts of Shri (Late) Badri Seetha Ramaiah, a resident of Guduru. In this meeting the following progressive decisions were taken.

  • To establish "Educational Fund" for our students.
  • To work towards attaining political power by sending our representatives to legislative and parliament bodies.
  • To demand the Govt. for census of our Community people
  • To establish a news Magazine for our caste.
  • To conduct such meetings of-ten.