Karthika Masa Vanabhojanalu

Gandla Telikula Karhikamasa Vanabhojanalu (16-Nov-2014 Sunday)
We request all our community people to attend Karthikamasa Vanabhojanalu (Get together) occassion on 16-Nov-2014 from 11AM TO 4 PM at Sanjeevaiah Park, Near Tankbund, Necklace Road, Hyderabad.

Venue: Sanjeevaiah Park,
Near TankBund, Necklace Road
Date and Time:16th November, 2014
11 AM to 04 PM
Activities:Introduction of our relatives
Tambula Game
Other Entertainment Activities.
Lunch/Snacks:11:30 AM Tea
1:30 PM Lunch
4:00 PM Snachs
Note: We will provide all vegetarian item only.
Charges:Rs. 250/- per person
Free for below 8 years age children.

Sri Sailam Satram

Uma Mheswara Nitya Annadana Satram(Gandla Telikula Satram)
Sri Uma Maheswara Nitya Annadana Satram( Gandla Telikula Satram) situated one km nearly from the Mallikharjuna Temple at Srisailam has almost completed 4 years of its inauguration. nearly 35 rooms are available in this satram and emplyed nearly 14 members. Ist preferencof accomodation is being given to the donners, thereafter to our community members. Rest of the rooms will be allotted to others on paid basis.

The accupents are provided free meals. During Saturday, Sunday, Monday and festival season the rooms are full. Some of the donners provided rice because of which the free meal is being continued. The committe requests to donate to ANNADANA scheme to continue this trend without break.

For accommodation one can call and reserve the accomodation on Sri Nagendra Prasad, Secretary of the satram on 9246920888 or Sri Shiva on 9491847178.

During KARTIKA masam( this month), heavy rush. Please donate to our GANDALA TELIKULA ANNA DANA SATRAM-- nitya annadana scheme.